Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Second Injury Trust Fund?

Second Injury Trust Funds were enacted to encourage the employment of servicemen returning from World War II, and legislation was later enacted to promote the employment of other previously injured or partially disabled workers. The Trust Funds are administered by the state agencies with oversight of workers’ compensation for the purpose of promoting the hiring of workers with known impairments.  While the mechanism varies by state, in Massachusetts and New Hampshire the Trust Fund issues reimbursements to the entity paying workers’ compensation benefits.

Who benefits from your services?

If we are able to establish that a claim meets the various statutory requirements of the Second Injury Fund law, the reimbursement is paid to the insurer or self-insured employer that paid the claimant’s benefits. Reimbursements are reported to the Insurance Rating Board and may be calculated in the employer’s loss history. In some instances the reimbursement will prevent the employer’s rate from increasing as a result of the loss.

Why do we need information from the employer?

One of the requirements of the Second Injury Fund laws in the states where we provide services is that the employer must have known of the injured worker’s pre-existing medical condition before the “second” workplace injury occurred. Our goal is to thoughtfully explore all possible avenues with compassion for both the worker and the employer, whose business can be significantly impacted by the implications of a large claim.

How does Second Injury Fund recovery affect the injured employee?

Second Injury Fund reimbursement does not impact the injured claimant’s entitlement to current benefits, nor does it seek to recoup benefits from the injured worker. Second Injury Fund reimbursement aid comes from the state administered Trust Fund, which is solely funded by assessments paid by the insurance companies and self-insured employers. The Trust Fund is not funded by taxpayers’ dollars.

What are the benefits of hiring Adeo Solutions?

Adeo Solutions professionals are focused on identifying opportunities for recovery and putting together the best case possible to maximize that recovery. We allow the claimsadjustors to concentrate their resources on the progression of treatment and the claimant’s potential return to work.Retaining the services of Adeo Solutions ensures that the interests of your clients, the employers, are protected with respect to obtaining recovery from the Trust Fund.

How does Adeo Solutions communicate with the claims staff?

We provide quarterly status reports which encompass all claims that we handle. Our goal is to tailor our reporting to our clients’ specifications. We also provide individual claim updates to the handling adjustors to allow them to anticipate when Second Injury Fund recovery can be expected. We are always available to answer questions any of your staff may have regarding SIF generally or as it applies to the specific facts presented by a particular claim. We are happy to answer any questions your clients (the employers) may have about why or why not there is SIF opportunity on a claim.

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